3 Weeks of Biking: The Danish Part

SO! It took a little planning and a little patience, but in early August Jana and I were finally able to set out on our summer adventure: biking from Copenhagen to Oslo. And I am not exaggerating when I say it was one of the best journeys ever! Wait and see.

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Weekend Getaway: Bintan

Getaway? But I just got here! Here, in this case, refers to Singapore, where I will be spending two months as part of my communications traineeship. And I had been “here” for not even a week, when my new colleague and roommate Anna dragged me off to this little Indonesian island just off the Singaporean coast.

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A Delightful Day in Denmark

I had already visited the lovely Becky and Sarah a while ago, but you know how it is with wonderful people… You have to just go back and spend more time with them.
So on the way to Copenhagen, I managed to slip in another visit to Kiel, where I would meet up with Jana (the best biking companion ever) to set out on our next big adventure.
But first, a small adventure.


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